Here is the order in which your skincare regimen should be applied. We also suggest getting a two minute sand timer for timing between product applications starting with and following toner. If acne would develop incorporate blemish gel (Perimeno Spot Treatment) into your regimen. If acne still persists incorporate our exfoliant (Creamy Crystal Exfoliant) as needed by referring to the Summer/Autumn Skincare Regimen under *Oily/Combination w/Perimenopausal Acne*.

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1. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Cleanser: Purifying Alchemy Cleansing Gel 

2. Weekly x 3 * Prior To Bedtime Mask: Mineral Mud Mask

3. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Toner: Balancing Beauty Mist

4. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Serum: Prime Rejuvenating Serum (Apply to Face and Neck)

(OR) For An All Natural Summer Regimen Use The Porcelain Glow Instead;

4. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Serum: Porcelain Glow Serum (Lightly Apply to Face Only) 

5. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Eye Cream: Luxe Peptide Eye Creme 

6. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Neck Cream: Lift & Contour Creme (Apply to Neck & Decollete Only) 

7. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Moisturizer: Exquisite Matte Moisturizer (Apply to Face Only)