Here is the order in which your skincare regimen should be applied. We also suggest getting a two minute egg timer for timing between product applications following toner. Clicking over the product names below will take you to product page. 

1. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Cleanser: Purifying Alchemy Cleansing Gel 

2. Weekly x 4 * Prior To Bedtime Mask: Mineral Mud Mask

3. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Toner: Balancing Beauty Mist

4. Follow Product Directions For Beginning Usage of Exfoliant Creamy Crystal Exfoliant 

5. Use As A Spot Treatment Over The Exfoliant As Needed Blemish Gel Perimeno Spot Treatment

6. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Serum: Prime Rejuvenating Serum (Apply to Face & Neck)

Or For An All Natural Regimen

6. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Serum: Porcelain Glow Serum (Apply to Face Only) For An All Natural Summer Regimen

7. Morning * Prior To Bedtime  Eye Cream: Luxe Peptide Eye Creme

8. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Moisturizer: Exquisite Matte Moisturizer (Apply to Face Only)

9. Morning * Prior To Bedtime Neck Cream: Lift & Contour Creme (Apply to Neck & Decollete Only)